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GCCLC, Inc. uses multiple methods to care for and improve the lives of  individuals with developmental disabilities.  Our Vocational Program strives to provide individuals with a variety of employment options at varying levels of difficulty.
The goal of the Vocational Program is to promote independence through employment and financial stability by offering program participants training and employment that will maximize their individual skills.
In Order for the Vocational Program to most systematically approach this goal the program has been divided into several areas of training.  The training areas are as follows: 
  • Work Adjustment Training - This is conducted at the sheltered workshop.  This training is offered primarily to individuals who require development in the area of work related behaviors.  Through participation in various work activities, individuals are exposed to new experiences which will help them to develop work interests which will lead to specific skill training.
  • Center-Based Training-   Center-based training occurs "in-house" at the sheltered workshop.  Individuals engaged in training at this level perform such tasks as product packaging and hand assembly.  The primary purpose of this training is to refine work related behaviors and job skills required to be employable both in the sheltered workshop and community employ environments.
  • Mobile Work Crews-   Community mobile work crews offer individuals the opportunity to receive structured training away from the sheltered environment of the workshop.  Individuals receive training which is specific to certain jobs while having the opportunity to interact with the non-disabled population.
  • Enclaves-   Enclaves provide individuals with the opportunity to train in small groups in businesses not owned or operated by GCCLC,Inc.  Agency staff provide training and supervision for these individuals while they learn the job requirements and expectations of their employer.
  • Valley Laser-   Valley Laser is a small business owned and operated by GCCLC, Inc. that remanufactures toner cartridges used in copiers and printers, as well as offering repair services for copiers and printers.  Valley Laser is primarily staffed by our individuals served.  For complete details on its place in the GCCLC, Inc. Vocational Program, please click on the link.
  • Community Integrated Employment-   The CIE program is offered to those individuals who desire competitive employment within the community.  Job Coaches assist the individual in job search, placement, specific training, and follow-up.  This aspect of the vocational training program affords agency individual s with the highest level of independence and in most cases, the highest degree of financial self-reliance.


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